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    Aeroponic Understanding Pump Operation for Healthy Aeroponic Tower Gardens

    Hello there!! Excellent question. Is this setup indoors or outdoors? By the temperature mentioned I’d assume outdoor? I run my lettuce that grows outdoors 1 minute in and 5 minutes off.
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    Aeroponic Indoor Garden UPDATE - FINALLY! Day 0 for Strawberries! (Updates Within!)

    Finally put together the first tower for the indoor grow tent setup! Definitely wanted to get this done sooner but hey, it's February 16th, that's still winter, right?! But really it doesn't matter too much because I'll be moving more toward indoor growing in this tent for the aeroponic towers...
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    Unleash Your Creativity with 3D Printed Aeroponic Towers!

    I just wanted to show an example of the new threaded bucket lid flange. I printed this ages ago it seems and finally built another tower with it. Doing this is MUCH sturdier than using the thin snap on lids. You don't need to have the PVC pipe going all the way to the bottom of the bucket...
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    Hydroponic MUFGA 18 Pod Indoor Hydroponic System - (SP01L18) User Manual

    Attached to this post is the manual for the MUFGA 18 pod hydroponic system those those who may need it. There are screenshots in this post as well as the downloadable pdf at the bottom of this post. Even if you don't have the 18 pod unit, this should generally apply to all the MUFGA units...
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    Hydroponic Playing around with Low Stress Training (LST) to better use of space

    Hey All! I've been playing around with LST a little bit after 3D printing some LST training clips and wanted to share what that looks like on my basil plant. If you don't know what LST is you can check out my other post "Maximizing Plant Growth: The Versatility of Low Stress Training (LST)" to...
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    Aeroponic and/or Hydroponic Maximizing Plant Growth: The Versatility of Low Stress Training (LST)

    Hello Again Fellow Hydro Gardeners! I wanted to open the floor for the discussion of Low Stress Training (LST) which is a form a training for your plants. Exploring various methods to nurture our plants, let's dive into the remarkable world of Low Stress Training (LST), a versatile technique...
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    Aeroponic Indoor Winter Garden Update - Strawberry seeds

    For the winter garden I ended up going with a 5x2' grow tent to put in the basement as this fit real well behind the basement door and doesn't take up an absorbent amount of space. Originally I was thinking about putting a larger tent (something like a 8x8') in the garage. Before investing in...
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    Aeroponic Cost of Setting Up My 5x2' Grow Tent for My Aeroponic Towers

    I decided to setup a grow tent in the basement for my aeroponic towers in order to better control climate and pests. Below is a quick little write up on what I've purchased for this setup because people think this has to be super expensive which it's really not. Especially when you're planning...
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    Aeroponic and/or Hydroponic DIY Raspberry Pi Grow Tent/Room Controller

    Finally back with another update for everyone! I got back around to put the finishing touches on the Raspberry Pi Grow Tent Controller. Basically all I needed to do was 3D print the enclosure for the Raspberry Pi and tidy everything up to make it look nice and clean. After 3D printing the Pi...
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    Aeroponic and/or Hydroponic DIY Raspberry Pi Grow Tent/Room Controller

    Everything is starting to all come together! This project will be put into a standard 4 gang electrical box. This box will contain the bank of 8 relays (I'm only using 6) and the electrical outlets. The raspberry Pi will be in it's own enclosure mounted on the side of the box. Disclaimer: This...
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    Aeroponic and/or Hydroponic DIY Raspberry Pi Grow Tent/Room Controller

    Hey everyone! Winter is now here and I've been putting together a 5x2' grow tent (shown below) for my aeroponic towers. With tents being so cheap on Amazon I figured this would be a quick easy thing to setup with ease. I've been piecing it together and after buying the tent, exhaust fan...
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    Aeroponic Winter Garden Plan!

    With the summer grow now behind me I'm starting to plan my first indoor winter garden grow! I'll be building a new tower with some revised part designs as well. So I will have 3 towers total and the plan is to: Purchase a grow tent on Amazon with a couple varieties of LED lights and set it up...
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    Aeroponic End of the Season Update

    The outdoor growing season has now come to an end for me. A quick recap of this first attempt to the Aeroponic Tower grow is below along with some pros and cons. Recap: ~10-15 gallons of tomatoes harvested between the 2 plants. The plants did survive the big storm that bend the plants in...
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    Unleash Your Creativity with 3D Printed Aeroponic Towers!

    I've got another design update for the towers! This time it's for the net cup holders. Version 1 is working well but as the plants matured throughout the season their roots caused a little bit of an issue with water backing up into the net cup and dripping over. This is/was a minor issue that...
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    Aeroponic Devastating storm but I think plants are okay

    Last night we had an INSANE storm here in TN with super strong winds that took down a massive limb off our only tree in the yard and ripped off siding from our house! I took this photo below right after the limb came down around 8:30pm CST and you can see the tomato plants blowing in the wind...
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    Hydroponic Hydro flowers are going wild! (Day 67)

    It's now been 67 days since planting! We're absolutely loving the flowers but really wishing I would have put up the little fence/trellis that came with this setup because the flowers are heavy and weighing down the plants for sure. But I have to admit they are very pretty! I mentioned in a...
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    Aeroponic First Zucchini Harvest!

    Zucchini is just one of those things that pops up throughout the day it seems! When you see a small one in the morning or at any point in the day, make sure to check it again in the next 12 hours because theres a change it will be ready to harvest! These 3 zucchini's did just that. Checked in...
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    Unleash Your Creativity with 3D Printed Aeroponic Towers!

    Hey all! Here is another option for your tower(s) as requested by @seesharpist! The original Aeroponic Tower Cap is a total of 108mm (~4.25") tall. I made a shorter version which stands a total of 76mm (~3.00") tall. NOTE - if you use this shorter version of the top it will not fit the...
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    Aeroponic Cucumber/Pickles Harvested!

    Finally got a few cucumbers off tower 2! There are lots and lots of tiny cucumbers so I have a feeling I'll be making pickles soon because we're about to be swimming in these!