Aeroponic Indoor Garden UPDATE - FINALLY! Day 0 for Strawberries! (Updates Within!)


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Finally put together the first tower for the indoor grow tent setup! Definitely wanted to get this done sooner but hey, it's February 16th, that's still winter, right?!

But really it doesn't matter too much because I'll be moving more toward indoor growing in this tent for the aeroponic towers. This is simply due to the fact it gets so hot here in the summer it's near impossible to keep water in the reservoirs, even with them being 5 gallons. With the extreme heat the plants would go through water like MAD on top of facing excessive evaporation issues. I'd have to put water in the towers in the morning and then again in the evenings, making it impossible to go out of town for even a single day without having someone come fill up the towers.

Not to mention the severe weather here nearly took out my towers a few times (you can see those examples in my previous posts).

Hopefully moving everything indoors will solve that issue and can only fill up the reservoirs once per week, maximum. But we'll see!

This tower features 20 plant spaces and the tower section itself is just around 4' tall (not including the bucket it's attached to). This made it perfect to use Barrina 4' full spectrum lights that produce 220 ppfd per light and come in at 42 watts per light. Hopefully by using 4 total they will be enough for the strawberries since they require 300-450 ppfd.

These strawberries are the 'Evie' everbearing variety which can produce up to just over 4lbs of fruit per plant per year. I purchased these from 9GreenBox and the link for what I purchased can be found here. I purchased the 20 pack and they arrived quick, healthy, and pest free. Their roots were very short so hopefully that isn't an issue getting them started since they're in net cups and not directly in soil. I would like have liked them to have uncut roots but we'll see how it goes!


For nutrients I'll be using MasterBlend's strawberry formula!