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Hello, fellow green thumbs!
Instead of purchasing a pre-made tower from a company I decided to build my own tower. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is cost. Larger aeroponic towers are NOT cheap and can reach up to the ~$600 range in no time. My tower is made up of a 4" PVC pipe and lots of parts that I designed and printed with my 3D printer.
There are also lots of designs out there on the web that you can download and print. But those are entire modular sections and not just the net cup holders and other essential parts to distribute water as evenly as possible. Not to mention those designs take a LOT of time and filament. I printed everything on my tower (everything printed is green) with less than a 1,000g spool of PETG filament. So the time to print and assemble is far faster than other designs!



I even designed caps to cover the open net cup holders if not all holders are used to keep evaporation down, bugs out, and other unwanted items out of the root system and water supply as shown below!


This tower is using the simpler method of nutrient water delivery using the gravity method. Meaning instead of misters inside the tube spraying the roots, the water is pumped to the top over a plate with a bunch of holes in it, then drips/rains back down the tube to saturate the plants net cups and root systems as they grow!
All in with all the parts, screws, bolts, pump, PVC and other misc items this tower was built for under $100 (since I already had the 3D printer)! However, with the cost of some towers even if you purchased a 3D printer for this project, you can still come up spending less than buying one from some of these companies.
Let me know what you think of this design!

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