Aeroponic Water coming from net cup/holder Part 2 | ROOTS!


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I’ve talked about it before and neglected my own findings/research and didn’t keep up with trimming my roots. It becomes difficult as plants get big, especially if you have a trellis on your system. I have a capped net cup holder because I’m not using it and noticed it had water dripping from it. When I took the cap off I was SHOCKED what I saw… the entire PVC pipe PACKED with roots.


I imagine the roots are bunching up against the tube support and chocking up the system. Luckily it’s just a drip with the cap on. But when it’s off water POURS out.


Lesson here…. KEEP UP WITH YOUR ROOT TRIMMING!! I have no excuse here, this net cup holder was placed here to pull roots through and trim them andddddd I just….. didn’t.